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What if I can’t write? 

Storytelling is as much about your voice as your words on paper. We all have stories but we often don’t tell them because we have been told our story has to have a plot or a purpose; it has to convey something bigger. We are told to create small moments where you impart your view of the world. All of that can be oral or written! Writing is not a prerequisite to being in the Mother Heard. 


Why are you doing this? 


I’m here to start a revolution of storytelling, and listening. Stories are meant to be shared, since the dawn of time stories are how we relate as humans. With the invention of writing we can convey our stories over time; with the printing press stories could be spread far and wide and now with the internet anyone can embark on saving their stories for the future. We write stories to become immortal. Our stories can be beautiful and sad; funny and tragic, but mostly ours. They might just be a perfect recollection of a day gone by or a memory created with the filters of time. It doesn’t matter, they are our stories and this is the place to tell them. 


Here, we will tell stories, share stories, listen to stories, create stories and find a way to change the world through our stories. We will connect, we will laugh, we will cry, we will belong. Learn more here.


How do I get started? 


Follow along to hear stories or join us and share yours. You can send them to me directly at and I can publish them anonymously or you can post and tag us at #themotherheard. Our quarterly magazine will feature stories tagged and shared, plus some just for each publication. To ensure you get included, send them directly and let me know what you hope to accomplish with your story!


Can I be published, like in a real book? 


Have you ever dreamed of being published and having your story on your own coffee table, that’s what we will do here–a yearly book with featured stories. When you send them in you are giving us the opportunity to create a community of stories, and you will always keep the rights to use your story how you want as well! 


What types of stories are you looking for? 


We accept anecdotes, descriptions, faded memories and full fledged stories. Stories are always free to share and if you want help with editing or even getting started we have support for both. Check out our classes, coaching and editing packages if you want help telling your story.


If community is so important will this just be online? 


No, that’s the best part, we are coming to a coffee shop near you. Do you want to host a Mother Heard listening session or bring a few friends together to write your stories, we have solutions for you. Purchase a party box to get started, digital or even one that comes in the mail to you!


While you are gathering your pen and paper, consider joining us for a writing retreat in Arizona or California this fall. Let us know if you are interested in bringing a retreat to your part of the country and we can partner with you to plan it, too!

Basically, we are in this together. Stories. Community. Moms. Daughters. Friends. Storytellers. The Mother Heard. Online and in person. Join us. 


What about AI? 


You can use it if you want, I won’t be checking, but the power is in the word. The power of the story comes from you and the way you put the words together. Your family wants to hear your voice; the world needs your perspective. AI can do a lot but stories will forever be ours. 

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