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Hi. I'm Denise. Mom to Thatcher, Cooper and Mason, wife to Tim (better known as #thecutehusband). I have been helping people tell their stories for quite some time, I'm passionate about community and designing a world where we all feel more connected. The Mother Heard is my whole heart, come stay awhile, I'll pour a drink while you start your story. 

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The Mother Heard

lt’s a place for stories. Any kind of stories-stories with a purpose; to teach, to remember, to connect. Some stories have a plot line and others just convey a feeling; some help you remember and some may even help you move on.

The Mother Heard is a place to celebrate Moms. Both our own mothers and the million tiny little moments that make up our mothering adventure. It is a place to convene with those who get to be moms in the traditional way, and those who love like moms to children they didn't birth. It is for all of us. 

Because a herd travels together, The Mother Heard will be a place where we tell stories together. Online, in person and in community because our world needs a little more togetherness. And listening. 

The Herd

One of my favorite moms* once told the story of the elephant herd. Jen Hatmaker tells the story of an elephant giving birth and the role that the herd plays in protecting, distracting and supporting the new mom. It is beautiful. You can read and listen to Jen telling it here. That story has been with me a long time and now as I feel like my time in the middle is coming to an end, it is time to create a community where our stories take the middle and we bring them to life together. 

*Note, I’m not really real life friends with Jen. I’ve only met her once in a meet and greet when she came to Redmond, Washington but she and Nicole both hugged me and their words have carried me through many a dark night so yes, I consider her a mom friend. I have others as well, just wait!


So, The Mother Heard is a place for moms telling their stories in community. It means we will have to be brave, we will have to shine a light on ourselves which is often the last thing we ever want to do, and we will need to listen because brave story telling calls for a kind and compassionate audience. 

The Why

As for me, I tell stories to capture my moment on this beautiful planet, to tell the story of my one wild and precious life. My great grandmother was one of my best friends and near the end she would forget parts of her stories and she'd look out at the ocean from her high rise condo and pause, she'd look again and say, “Can you see that cute little cottage on the beach?” I’d nod knowing full well there was nothing there. She’d say, “Oh, I’m glad because that is where I keep my memories.” 

And so, for me, The Mother Heard is the place where we will venture to the cute little beach cottage and open the door. Open the door to pull out the stories she told and the ones I remember as well, over time I’ll tell stories about her and the others that raised me while encouraging you to do the same. 

The Process

This is a place for you to tell your stories and a home for our stories to live in the world. You can write them or tell them out loud. You can claim them or work with me to tell them anonymously. You can refine and edit or only tell the first draft. You can have run-on sentences and incomplete thoughts. 

We start with your Storyteller Style. Whether you naturally a reporter or memoirist; a teacher or historian; do you use your stories to entertain? Armed with your style, you can learn skills and approaches to better connect with the people in your life.

And if at first you just want to listen, this is the place for that, too. The Mother Heard will help us all to work on our listening skills. Gone are the days of the compliment sandwich, we are not here to correct each other's errors or to offer feedback in a way that hurts or demeans. We are an audience, a good listener and an inquisitive friend. Both you and I, we have work to do in that realm as well, so we'll spend some time practicing. Don’t worry, I’ll guide you along. 

So for now, follow along and consider dedicating a notebook to the questions you will pose, the stories that will come loose. I know we as a world will thrive when we engage in telling stories, interacting with others and giving credit where it is due. Follow along and help us build a place both online and in our hometowns where we, as moms, are heard.


Learn Your Storyteller Style!

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