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Coaching for Connection

Build Relationships. Create Connection. Tell Your Story. Thrive.

Are you struggling to connect? Are your relationships in flux? Managing aging parents and your own children? Redefining how you want to show up each day? Starved for real connection?


Coaching is for you! We can work on understanding where you are, set goals for where you want to be, practice strategies and set accountability, plus celebrate as we go! Now is the time to build a life you love to live. Connected. Thriving. Fun.

Denise in Nantucket

Accreditation & Certifications

Lumia Life Coach Signature Certification

ICF ACC Certification (pending)

The Storytelling Leader Certification

The Gottman Institute credentials

  • Bringing Home Baby

  • Emotion Coaching

  • Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

  • Brene Brown's Dare to Lead Trained

AZ and WA state principal certifications​

National Board Certified Teacher

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As your coach, I will work together with you to think about what is working well in your life and what you want to adjust so you can wake up each day feeling connected to the people in your life. As a wife, mom, daughter, educator, leader, colleague, and friend, I believe relationships are the heart of a thriving life. Drawing on the latest research and years of experience, we will focus on creating a life you love to live. Whether you are going through transitions at work, at home, or just personally, I am here for it all!

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